Israeli Philharmonic Boycott Letters

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Women in Black - Los Angeles

vigil in front of Disney Hall 1
vigil in front of Disney Hall 2
Women in Black vigil in support of boycott of Israeli Philharmonic, January, 2007

Women in Black-Los Angeles (WIB-LA) has been active since 2001. WIB-LA maintains an e-mail list for news and critical perspectives on conditions and events in Palestine/Israel and on US Mideast policy. Since our first vigil in front of the Federal Building in early 2001, we have held numerous candlelight vigils calling for an end to the occupation, providing important opportunities to distribute thousands of pieces of literature and talk with hundreds of people. In addition, we've sponsored or co-sponsored numerous educational events about the Israeli occupation and the role of the US government in supporting it.

Jews and Arabs united for a Just Peace

Women in Black/Palestine Aid Society banner at anti-Iraq war demonstration, March 2003.
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Women in Black--Los Angeles Mission Statement

The mission of Women in Black- Los Angeles is to work for a just and peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  We advocate an immediate end to the U.S.-supported Israeli Occupation, the right of Palestinian refugees to return, and full and equal rights for all people who live in the region.

We work to accomplish these goals through public education and advocacy.

In 2001, Women in Black in Israel and Serbia were nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

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